Art Begins With a Lie

This wooden shape canvas I've made by spherographic pen only. I was inspired by this poem below and grab a picture of Ulorin Vex who has the best shots ever. You can browse the process bellow, wich had last for 8 hours total.
The Lie
by Anne Waldman
Art begins with a lie 
The separation is you plus me plus what we make   
Look into lightbulb, blink, sun’s in your eye 

I want a rare sky 
vantage point free from misconception   
Art begins with a lie

Nothing to lose, spontaneous rise   
of reflection, paint the picture 
of a lightbulb, or eye the sun

How to fuel the world, then die   
Distance yourself from artfulness   
How? Art begins with a lie 
The audience wants to cry 
when the actors are real & passionate 
Look into footlight, then feed back to eye 
You fluctuate in an artful body 
You try to imitate the world’s glory 
Art begins with a lie 
That’s the story, sharp speck in the eye.

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